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Yep, that's my yard!
Yep, that's my yard!

Palm Harbor, FL -- Forced to hunker down and work from home this morning, I'm already over today's rain and it's only 11:10 a.m.! 

This is the unattractive view of my front yard as the second and thankfully not as severe front of storms roll through the area right now. 

Thank goodness we raked all the fall leaves up on Sunday...now we can get a great view of the mud!

Just as write this we just had the craziest scare in PH! My boyfriend, Dillon, and I were just running around the house lights popping on and off, couldn't see outside and wind was roaring trying to see and take cover at the same time!

Wow, what an adrenaline rush! Hope everyone in PH is alright today. The video was taken right after the wind died down a bit. Just took photos of subdivision next to Palm Harbor University High School. Stay tuned for those!

If you have any photos of damage or flooding send them to us at photos@wtsp.com


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