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Paint trail leads police to vandalism suspect | Weird

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Paint trail leads police to vandalism suspect

Palm Harbor, Florida -- Investigators say a trail of paint helped lead them to the man they believe vandalized dozens of cars in Palm Harbor.

Detectives say the investigation began shortly after 4:30 a.m. Monday when deputies responded to a car fire in the Deer Run subdivision. Once on scene, deputies discovered several vehicles throughout the subdivision with their tires slashed. Several cars had paint poured all over them.

"I'm not very happy about it.  I already missed half a day of work trying to get everything together," said Bill Rozo, who had his tires slashed.

Photo Gallery: Cars vandalized in Palm Harbor

A suspect was quickly identified, thanks to one very good clue: a trail of paint from the crime scene led directly into the garage of Ramsey Charles Sheard's home.

When detectives contacted Sheared, they found the same paint on the 21-year-old's clothing.

Investigators say Sheard admitted to the rash of vandalism, and evidence found in his residence -- as well as surveillance video from neighbors -- confirmed Sheard's admission.

Sheard told detectives he had been drinking and taking Xanax early Monday morning when, in a fit of rage over personal issues, including his girlfriend breaking up with him and losing his job at Sam's Club, he went out and began damaging his neighbors' vehicles.

"This is a good neighborhood.  Things like that don't happen.  You know, we're shocked.  Totally shocked," said victim Shawn Slattery.

Reports of damaged vehicles are still coming in to police, with the preliminary number at 30.

Sheard was arrested for one count of arson and booked into the Pinellas County Jail. Additional charges are forthcoming.


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