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Police: Man beats woman, mugs it up for film crew

St. Petersburg, Florida -- Police say they've arrested the man who attacked a woman and was then caught on video by a nearby film crew.

St. Petersburg Police say the 26-year-old victim and a female friend were walking down the 200 block of Central Avenue the night of June 12, when they were approached by a shirtless man who began making obscene comments.

Neither woman knew the man, and they confronted him about his language.  Police say the man responded by spitting beer in their faces, and then striking one of them in the head with a beer bottle.

Photo Gallery: Pictures of the suspect caught on video

The suspect fled into a nearby alley, where a film production crew was shooting a rap video. He ran up to the crew, stopped and mugged for the camera, and then continued fleeing down the alley.

On Wednesday morning, police released the film crew's video.  Within hours of the video's release, police identified their suspect as 23-year-old Lucas Jeffrey James.

James was taken into custody and is facing one charge of aggravated battery.

Police say the victim did suffer a contusion to the back of her head, but was not hospitalized.

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