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Pinellas clown the first Lady Gaga? | Weird

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Pinellas clown the first Lady Gaga?

Pinellas County, Florida -- She's 81, a volunteer, a writer for her community newsletter, a singer and a clown.

Meet Gloria Walz, also known as "Gaga."

"It's funny, I think, that we have the same name," she laughed when asked about sharing a name with a music sensation.  "I've had it [name] for 24 years."

She's been performing as Gaga for as long as Lady Gaga has been alive, so you could say she's the original Lady Gaga. Her friends don't let her forget that... even if they're just clowning around.

"Now that Lady Gaga is using it, my friends say, 'You ought to sue her,' I said 'No, no no,'" she laughed again.

Rather than a lawsuit, she'd rather suit up in costume. She's been doing it for 24 years since learning about clowning in clown school offered by her church.

Just like the contemporary Gaga, she loves her makeup and outrageous outfits.  After all, it comes with the territory in the clown world.

"That's me, this is me inside here.  This is Gaga," she smiled, pointing to her box of make-up.

Bright red lips, rosy cheeks and a powdered face, it only takes about ten minutes to transform her face from Gloria's into Gaga's.  It takes a little while longer to complete the look with her brightly colored costume and hat, which was made by a very frienldy group of people at the hospital. 

The transformation has been part of the routine for years.  She performs at hospitals and nursing homes with one goal in mind... to make people smile.

"What does a cow say when it walks backwards?" she asks one man.

"I don't know," he said.

"Oom, oom," Gaga laughed.

This Gaga tells us she had no idea who Lady Gaga was until watching her perform on American Idol... and let's just say this sweet lady she was left a little speechless.

"I'll just keep to my clown outfit," she laughed.

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