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Oldsmar City Council gives initial approval to golf cart proposal

Oldsmar City Council gives initial approval to golf cart proposal

In about a week, Oldsmar City Council members could take the final step needed to pave the way for golf carts in Gull Aire Village.

As we showed you last week, a resident complaint led to the controversy over whether golf carts should be allowed to drive along the community's 15 mph streets.

Residents and city officials had said the carts were driven around there for 30 years without a complaint.

Naked men arrested following vandalism spree

Gulfport, Florida -- Two men found walking naked down the street late at night face numerous charges.

Gulfport Police say the found Gregory Reynolds and Wyly Weeks, both 22, walking across Gulfport Boulevard without any clothes on early Wednesday, July 20.  When asked what they were doing, the duo reportedly said they were walking home from O'Maddy's bar, and thought it would be funny to do so naked.

After the two were transported to jail, police started to receive several calls from residents complaining of damaged property. All of the calls were along the route that Reynolds and Weeks had walked, and over the next several days, officers confirmed their involvement by checking video surveillance footage from businesses in the area.

Police: Drunk dad lost baby

St. Petersburg, Florida - A 25-year-old Pinellas Park man faces Child Abuse charges after leaving his newborn son lying on a concrete sidewalk in the rain Monday night.

St. Petersburg Police detectives say Robert DeForest and his wife went to a Fourth of July party near downtown and started arguing about who was sober enough to drive.

Investigators say the wife took the car keys and the husband walked out of the party with their 7-week-old son.

When the mother walked outside, her husband and baby were gone. Detectives say she eventually reached her husband by cell phone and he told her that he "lost" their child.

Meanwhile, a man walking near downtown heard a baby crying and saw the child on the ground, outside a vacant apartment on Bay Street NE. 

The good samaritan called police who arrived and took the baby to the hospital.

Dunkin Donuts cashier gives armed robber cash and two glazed donuts

Dunkin Donuts cashier gives armed robber cash and two glazed donuts

St. Petersburg, Florida -- A man has been arrested for armed robbery after robbing a Dunkin' Donuts of an undisclosed amount of cash and two glazed donuts.

According to deputies, 27-year-old Michael John Ray entered the Dunkin' Donuts on Pasadena Ave. South in St. Petersburg just before 6:00 a.m. and demanded the cashier give him all of the money in the register. 

The cashier placed the money, and the two donuts, in a Dunkin' Donuts bag and gave it to the suspect, who then fled in a maroon, late model Hyundai with Connecticut plates.

Deputies later spotted a suspicious vehicle in a parking lot and confronted the occupant, who was trying to hide by leaning over in the front seat. The deputies recognized Ray from the cashier's description and, after he confessed to the robbery, took him into custody.

Ray says he committed the crime so that he could buy a new tire for his car.

Police: Man beats woman, mugs it up for film crew

St. Petersburg, Florida -- Police say they've arrested the man who attacked a woman and was then caught on video by a nearby film crew.

St. Petersburg Police say the 26-year-old victim and a female friend were walking down the 200 block of Central Avenue the night of June 12, when they were approached by a shirtless man who began making obscene comments.

Neither woman knew the man, and they confronted him about his language.  Police say the man responded by spitting beer in their faces, and then striking one of them in the head with a beer bottle.

Photo Gallery: Pictures of the suspect caught on video