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Wanted murder suspect found hiding in a crib

St. Petersburg, Florida -- St. Pete Police have finally caught the man wanted in connection with a drug deal gone bad that resulted in a woman -- caught in the crossfire -- being dropped off at the hospital where she later died.

Detectives have been looking for Hires since March 18 when they identified him as a suspect in the shooting that led to Felicia Vickers' death.

Man calls 911 asking for 'Kool-Aid, burgers and weed'

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida (AP) - A St. Petersburg man is accused of misusing the 911 system to request that he wanted "Kool-Aid, burgers and weed to be delivered to him."

The Tampa Bay Times reports 34-year-old Jarvis Sutton dialed 911 about 80 times on Sunday.

Police say Sutton admitted to making the calls.

New Kids on the Block Triumph Over Last Year’s Competitors

New Kids on the Block Triumph Over Last Year’s Competitors

It started last year, when Stella’s and O’Maddy’s entered the first-ever Gulfport Recycle Regatta. The two restaurants shared a few waitresses and many customers but couldn’t share the title of winner.

 To this day, the victor of the 2012 Recycle Regatta remains unclear.

St. Pete man drunk-dials 911, lands in jail

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida (AP) - A 51-year-old Florida man got a trip to jail for drunk-dialing 911.

Pinellas County deputies didn't find an emergency when they arrived at Gary Alan Pockrandt's home near St. Petersburg on Wednesday morning. Pockrandt had called 911 twice, telling dispatchers his cell phone wasn't working.

Authorities weren't amused when Pockrandt called 911 again three hours later and mumbled to the dispatcher, "My drug dealer is mad at me."

Hooters ball girl botches play during Rays-Phillies game

Clearwater, Florida (USA TODAY) -- What do you get when you use Hooters employees as ballgirls at spring training games? It's not just forced, flirtatious conversation, a name that probably ends in "i" and a personalized message on your check written in Sharpie and featuring numerous bubbly hearts. You also might get some interesting moments in foul territory.

Man impersonates being firefighter for free food, drinks

St. Petersburg, Florida -- A man was arrested at his Clearwater home Wednesday morning on charges he impersonated a firefighter so he could get free food and drinks at various locations, including All Children's Hospital.

St. Pete Police say 22-year-old Robert Spalla represented himself to employees at All Children's Hospital as a firefighter who has been with the St. Pete Fire Department for the past five years.

During their interactions with Spalla, hospital employees told police he would ask for special privileges such as food vouchers or gas cards.

Gaping gator stuck in storm drain is freed

Seminole, Florida -- An 8-foot alligator lurking in a storm drain just blocks from an elementary school got stuck there and was freed by a rescue force of deputies, wildlife officers and citizens, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office said.

A passerby saw the gator's toothy head poking out of an opening of roadway storm drain Friday afternoon. The gator was stuck, and not liking it one bit.

Pictures: Alligators wrangled, hunted around Florida