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Trial starts today in Publix parking lot coworker killing | News

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Trial starts today in Publix parking lot coworker killing

Clearwater, Florida -- A woman accused of killing her coworker in the parking lot of the Tarpon Springs Publix hours after she was fired goes on trial today.

No matter where you work, this is among your worst nightmares. An employee gets fired. Hours later, they storm back -- armed, and looking to kill.

Prosecutors say that's what Arunya Rouch did two years ago in the parking lot of the Publix supermarket in Tarpon Springs.

Police say she'd been fired after she threatened to kill one of her coworkers, Greg Janowski.

Once she had been told she was fired, police say Rouch went home, got a gun, and came back to the store to follow through on that threat -- pulling into the parking lot and firing four deadly shots at Janowski.

She wasn't done.

With her gun stuffed into a green Publix bag, police say she headed into the store seeking her next target.

As customers ran out, Tarpon Springs police rushed in. They traded gunshots with her down the aisles. One officer's belt was hit -- a close call.

Four bullets finally brought down Rouch. She survived to stand trial starting Tuesday morning.

It looks like the defense will make the case Rouch was insane and out of touch with reality. That she'd snapped -- a voice spoke to her -- and she couldn't tell right from wrong.

Expect prosecutors to say that's ridiculous. They'll argue she carefully plotted an execution of this husband and father after Janowski criticized Rouch for breaking company policy.

Janowski told Rouch she needed to stop working before she clocked in because it's against store policy, and court documents show Rouch was furious.

While they worked together, Rouch would put X's through Janowski's name on the schedule and told at least one coworker she was serious about taking his life.

There were originally questions over whether Rouch was competent to stand trial. Court documents from March 30, 2012 -- two years to the day after the shooting -- she was found to be competent.

According to her jail record, she's facing a charge of first degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault, and two counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.


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