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Arunya Rouch found guilty in Publix shooting | News

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Arunya Rouch found guilty in Publix shooting

Clearwater, Florida -- The jury has come to a decision in the Tarpon Springs Publix shooting case involving Arunya Rouch after six hours of deliberation.

They found Rouch guilty on all counts, including Pre-meditated Murder in the First Degree, for shooting her Publix co-worker, Greg Janowski.

Photo Gallery: Pictures from the Publix shooting scene

On March 30, 2010, Rouch was fired and returned hours later, when she killed Janowski.

Janowski was sitting in the parking lot drinking his morning coffee when Rouch shot him in the head. After shooting her co-worker, Rouch then went inside, police maintain, to kill her managers.

In a brief shoot-out, Tarpon Springs police shot Rouch four times to stop her from hurting anyone else.  Police say she fired at several officers, hitting one of them in his gun belt, which ended up saving his life.

Rouch spent weeks in intensive care to recover from her injuries. Her attorney maintains that she "wanted to die.  She wanted to commit suicide by cop," said her defense attorney George Tragos.

The state claims Rouch blamed Janowski for her firing and wanted him dead.  Rouch claimed she heard voices that told her to commit the murder. 

The jury deliberated over whether or not Rouch was insane, or just a cold-blooded killer, and found that she was not insane at the time of the shooting.

Rouch has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. 

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