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Want to coupon but don't have time? | News

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Want to coupon but don't have time?

Clearwater, Florida - Chances are, you've heard about those crazy couponers, the people who save hundreds of dollars a month by clipping coupons.

If you're like most people, you want to save the money, but you don't have the time.

Heather Brickell, a Clearwater stay-at-home mom, created a blog just for you.

Updated several times a day, MySweetSavings.com features everything from coupons to links to free samples to Heather's latest bargain finds.

Brickell spends about 40 hours a week clipping coupons and combing the Internet for ways to "double up" on savings at drug stores, grocery stores, and more.

Her secret weapon, she says, is stacking.

That means using a store's coupon on an item and applying another coupon, for instance a manufacturer's coupon from the newspaper, to the same item.

Each Sunday, Heather buys four newspapers.  She buys the Tampa Tribune because it's only 50 cents on Sundays. She takes out the coupon inserts and stores them in file folders.  That way, they're easy to access when she wants to match them with weekly store sales.

For the beginner couponer, Heather suggests buying two newspapers so you can stack coupons for the "buy one, get one free" deals.

"So you're stretching those dollars really as far as they can go," Brickell said.

She and her husband set a budget of $40 a week for groceries for them and their son. Sometimes, she doesn't even spend that.

For people who buy items that aren't usually listed in the store circulars, Brickell suggests emailing the company.  Tell them what you like about their product, or even what you don't like, and you can expect to get an email back and probably some coupons.

But since extreme couponing can yield more items than most people can store, the practice has been criticized as hoarding.

When Brickell has a surplus, she gives it away to charities, animal shelters, and her church.

In addition to blogging, Brickell teaches seminars on couponing. For more information, email her at mysweetsavings@gmail.com.


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