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Suspect fails to rob store, shows up for shift later

Clearwater, Florida -- Clearwater Police detectives didn't have to look far to find the man who tried to rob a Radio Shack because not only did he work there, he also showed up for his shift after the robbery. 

20-year-old Andre Puskas entered the Radio Shack on Sunset Point Road around 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday. Instead of wearing his usual uniform he was wearing a ski mask and had a stun gun in his waistband.

Suspect makes getaway on skateboard

CLEARWATER -- Most robbery suspects opt for a car, a bicycle or just their two legs for a quick getaway after a heist.

This man chose a skateboard.

On Wednesday evening at the Super Target at Clearwater Mall, a man made off with a 32-inch flat-screen TV on his skateboard. 

He entered the store just before closing, around 11 p.m., and made his way to the electronic section. He chose a 32-inch-Element LCD TV and began to skateboard through parts of the store. 

Mall patrons, employees chase after burglar

Pinellas Park, Florida -- A burglar got more than he bargained for after he was confronted while trying to steal a cash register Thursday night.

Pinellas Park Police say 29-year-old Jett Jones snuck into the back of Edible Arrangements at the Shoppes at Park Place and hid on top of a freezer, where he waited about two hours for the store to close.

Burglar needs surgery to remove stolen necklaces from stomach

Clearwater, Florida -- A man arrested in connection with a home burglary in Safety Harbor underwent surgery to remove two necklaces police discovered he ingested after they showed up in an X-ray during booking.

PHOTOS: Burglar swallows stolen necklaces

Clearwater Police officers arrested Joseph Ramos on Dec. 11 after learning the vehicle he was driving had been stolen during a burglary at a Safety Harbor home the day before.

Swants, the new twist on ugly sweaters

St. Petersburg, Florida -- There's a new twist on ugly sweaters. Swants, or sweaters turned into pants, might just become the new fashion statement this winter for those looking to recycle some sweaters that might be old, too big or not quite to your liking.

A designer in Iceland has laid out a step-by-step tutorial that's all the buzz online, and his colleagues who call themselves the Westknits Fun Squad posed in their designs.

You can check out the how-to blog by clicking here.

New Life at the Gulfport Museum

New Life at the Gulfport Museum

Guflport, Florida -- This is not your mother’s history museum. 

Oldie but Ghouly: Witch's broom gets parking ticket

Clearwater Beach, Florida - Some memories never fade, even those in the crime files of Clearwater Police, which, much like other Florida law enforcement agencies, from time to time has had its share of the strange and unusual.

Take October 1968, a few days before Halloween, just 45 years ago.

Patrolmen Dennis Becky issued a parking ticket to Pamela Thomasson, a visitor dressed in a white bikini and black cape and witch's hat, because she parked her broom at a metered space and kept it there after the meter expired.