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Photo Gallery | North vs. South: Fall Weather Pics

The Tampa Bay area saw its fair share of tumultuous weather in September with rain we thought would never quit, but once the skies cleared, it proved to be an amazing sight!

And while we may not have the fall colors that the north is boasting, we've got sunsets that can just as easily wash away the worries of a long day at work. Plus, who can complain about being able to wear a bikini in October!?

Here's our first installment of Fall 2011 in Tampa Bay (with some Caddy's girls thrown in the mix).

If you have some great weather shots this fall, send them to us at neighborhoodnews@wtsp.com and let's show Michigan just what they're missing!

Check out what our sister station WZZM-TV in West Michigan has to offer: Fall 2011 in West Michigan

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